Books on HLT

Human language technology (HLT) can be a complex subject even for people who are well versed in computer science. That is because it encompasses several topics, including linguistics. Therefore, even though several conferences are held on different dates in various parts of the world to demystify HLT, people interested in the subject must keep reading and doing research. Some places where you are likely to find information on the matters discussed here are as follows.

University websites

Check out different universities in the US and beyond that offer human language technology as a core unit. Most of them will have detailed information on the subject in their course catalog. Some will also have previously published papers by students and professors on the topic of HLT. Some of the universities you can check out are the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and the University of Arizona.

Technology journals

If you are looking for factual and well-researched content on HLT, you should definitely check out technology journals. You will find peer-reviewed content on HLT and the developments that have been happening in the field. There are many journals, some of them free, that can be found online. You can also visit a physical library near you and check for journals.


Textbooks written by HLT experts will also come in handy if you need the subject broken down simply. When you are reading the books, ensure that you have checked the publication date to be sure that you are not reading outdated content.

Reading blogs such as the ones on this site also sharpens your knowledge. It keeps you updated on what is happening in human language technology.